Protecting the Future for Active and Retired Federal Employees

Protecting the Future of Active and Retired Federal Employees

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Emerson Kretzer - MO Federation President

Welcome to the Missouri Federation NARFE ( National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association) website. If this is your first visit, please come back often. This site is updated regularly and has links to many valuable resources, such as OPM (Office of Personnel Management) and the NARFE National website. The website offers Missouri Federation and Chapter information. The Missouri Federation has a current membership of 3,555 members with 25 active chapters. Included in the Federation membership, we also have 1581 National NARFE members residing in Missouri. If you are a NARFE member and looking for a local chapter to join, you can find chapter contact information here. If you currently aren't a NARFE member yet and would like to join, there is a hotlink to join, or you can find a local chapter near you, and just drop in and meet with your fellow Federal employees and join there. NARFE is the only organization strictly for all Federal employees, both active and retired. NARFE's mission, which fights for you everyday, is to protect the rights and earned benefits of all Federal employees. NARFE's sole purpose is to protect you, the Federal employee, so won't you join to have your voice heard on all matters involving Federal employees as there is strength in numbers.

I look forward to serving as your Federation President for the next two years. I invite you to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, and with any concerns you may have.

Why I Should Join or Renew My NARFE Membership

NARFE is the only association  soley dedicated to safegaurding and improving the earned rights and benefits of all working and retired federal employees.

As a member you get:

NARFE Magazine - Monthly coverage keeps you on top of any and ll changes to rules and regulations that affect your pay, benefits, retirement and opportunities to advance your career.

Legislative Alerts - With federal benefits and jobs in the crosshairs of congressional budget cutters, count on NARFE to sort out the truth from the rhetoric.

Advocacy -Protecting your benefits is NARFE's core business.  A team of government professionals in Washington tracks Congressional actions and agency proposals that affect your federal benefits.

PLUS - NARFE offers scholarships and disaster relief grants, as well as travel, bank card and more.


Greetings MO Federation NARFE members,


The annual NARFE Membership Recruitment Drive is in full swing and will run through December 31, 2020. Now’s the time to recruit.  Just think, if EVERY Missouri Federation member recruited ONE new member during this recruitment drive, we would DOUBLE the membership of Missouri!  What an impact we would have with more than 6500 members, just in our State.  And, for each new member YOU recruit, you will receive $10.00 from National and $10.00 for our Federation ($20.00).  The membership fee for new members is $40.00 BEFORE the new rate increase that takes place January 1st.  In addition, the first-year membership includes chapter membership at NO additional cost but they need to indicate they wish to be a part of a Chapter at time of enrollment.  It is not required.


In addition, at the Federation Board meeting in late October, the Federation Board unanimously agreed to pay the first year membership of $40.00 to any new member residing in Missouri.  The application (attached) must be filled out and sent to the MO Federation Treasurer, Marcy Nelson by the end of November to ensure it reaches headquarters by the December 31st deadline.  Marcy's mailing address is 300 SW Stonewood Ct, Blue Springs, MO  64014-4561.


Although I suggest applications to be received by end of November, the actual deadline for NARFE headquarters to receive all applications is December 31st.


I know any applications Marcy receives for processing even if after November 30th, she will process them as quickly as she can for them to reach headquarters by December 31st.


Best regards,



Laura Cowart

Immediate Past President/2nd VP-Membership

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Updated December 3, 2020.  Click here to contact the webmaster